We're highly trained and certified case managers and peer support specialists. Our credentials include:

  • Certified Case Manager (CCM)
  • Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC)
  • Certified Traumatologist (CT)
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC)
  • Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW)
  • Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor (LGPC)
  • Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP)
  • Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • Master of Counseling Psychology (MA CP)
  • Master of Education (M Ed)
  • Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS CMHC)
  • Bachelor of Science, Counseling Psychology (B.S. CP)
  • Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS)
Lauren W.

Lauren W., M Ed, CT, CCM

Lauren leads our team of Mindoulas, works on select cases approved by the CEO, and serves as a liaison and partner with families.
Amy SW.

Amy SW., M Ed, CRC, CCM

Amy provides case management services to members with psychiatric and/or complex medical disabilities, with an emphasis upon medical care management. She began working in the psychiatric rehabilitation field in 1998, and has extensive experience as an intake coordinator, supported employment specialist, residential counselor, and learning skills counselor. Amy earned her Master of Education in Counselor Education with an emphasis in Rehabilitation Counseling from The Pennsylvania State University and is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) and Certified Case Manager (CCM). Amy also serves as VP, Operations for Mindoula.
Claire F.

Claire F., MSc, MSW, LGSW, CCM

Claire provides a range of case management services that includes collaborative care, custom case management, occupational rehabilitation, crisis intervention, counseling, and coaching. Claire has worked as a Behavioral Health Specialist, Psychiatric Counselor, and Social Worker for a large hospital system, providing clinical assessment, group therapy, and individual counseling, assessing care and treatment options, arranging aftercare, and providing crisis intervention services and evaluations in emergency rooms and inpatient psychiatric units. She has also worked for five years at a community non-profit supporting people with developmental disabilities and mental illness. For the last 4 of those years, she served as Program Director supervising direct support staff and providing leadership and resources so that services were delivered with respect to member preference, continued growth and independence, and community integration/affiliation. Claire earned her Masters of Science in Business Psychology from the University of Gloucestershire and her Masters of Social Work Macro/Clinical/Mental Health/EAP at the University of Maryland. Claire is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker and is certified in Crisis Prevention and Intervention. She is also a Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and CEAP candidate.
Daun D.

Daun D., MA CP

Daun provides case management services to members with behavioral health challenges ranging from mild-to-moderate anxiety and depression to serious mental illness. She has been working in the field of counseling psychiatry since 2009, and earned her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Daun also serves as the Intake Specialist for Mindoula.
Jennifer M.

Jennifer M., B.A. SW

Jennifer brings to her work as a case manager more than fifteen years of experience providing support for behavioral health challenges and developmental disabilities at a community based nonprofit, where she served for the last 13 years as Program Director. As Program Director, she guided services for members in the areas of supported employment, individualized support for adults and children, and community based living assistance. She also gained extensive experience helping young adults, ages 14 - 26, transition into adulthood. Jennifer has a B.A. in Social Work from Salisbury University.
Alane M.

Alane M., B.S. CP

Alane serves members as a dedicated advocate, supporting them in achieving their mental health goals. She has years of experience as a case manager and care coordinator, and has a track record of success in enabling collaboration and care coordination among healthcare providers and ensuring continuity of care. Alane earned her Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology from Washington Adventist University in 1998.
Paige L.

Paige L., B.A.

Paige supports members in a variety of ways, including collaborative care, custom case management, and providing family support services. Paige draws on her experience as a member of an online hotline, and as a case manager at Michigan’s leading Lutheran human care services organization. She is certified through the National Advocate Credentialing Program. She is a dedicated advocate for the members she serves, and partners with members in completing assessments, and recovery plans. Paige also serves as the Operations Specialist for Mindoula.
Brad S.

Brad S., VAMC

Brad supports members in a variety of ways including collaborative care, custom case management, and crisis intervention. He partners with members in helping them address behavioral health challenges while promoting the members ability and desire to achieve their short term and long term goals. Brad often provides resource guidance and assists members to improve existing supports and decision-making during transitional periods.
Kara R.

Kara R., BSW

Kara earned her Bachelors Degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Over the past five years, Kara has provided case management services to children, adolescents, college-aged students, and families in a variety of settings. Her professional work includes supporting children and families in the child welfare system; providing crisis intervention and management; assisting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities succeed in a college environment; and helping people reach, and surpass, their mental health goals. She has also served as a writing fellow at UMBC, and worked as a writing tutor for the Achieving in Higher Education (AHEADD) program. Additionally, she has volunteered as an advocate for a Sexual Assault Response Team in New Jersey for two years. Kara takes particular pride in working with people to overcome their daily challenges and reach their full potential, whether in an academic setting, or in their personal lives.
Kiaira B.

Kiaira B., MS

Kiaira began her career in the field of Social Services as a Special Education Assistant for elementary-aged children. She is an experienced case manager with an excellent track record of assisting clients in obtaining state-approved services and federal benefit entitlements. In addition to serving as a case manager, Kiaira serves as a Program Coordinator for Mindoula's post-discharge case management program at a leading community hospital in Maryland. She provides site-based case management coordination and serves as the liaison between the inpatient psychiatry team and our team of Mindoulas. Kiaira received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Wright State University and her Master of Science in Criminal Justice from Tiffin University.
Jesse S.

Jesse S., B.A.

Jesse provides case management support to the Mindoula team. Jesse’s case manager experience is influenced by his previous work in a Supported Living Community with clients requiring 24/7 support.  He enjoys collaborating with members and working together to achieve their goals.  Jesse earned his Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of Maryland.
Sarah H.

Sarah H., B.A.

Sarah provides case management services for a variety of members, encompassing those who are experiencing an increase in life stresses and are in need of extra support as well as those experiencing serious mental illness. She brings to her work as a case manager over ten years of experience including: rehabilitative and intensive case management, crisis support services, group facilitation, behavioral intervention for children and youth, and program coordination for a peer support crisis team. Sarah earned her B.A. in Sociology with a Minor in Psychology from Alma College (Michigan). Sarah is a strong believer in mental health recovery and enjoys working with members to help them achieve their ideal health and wellness.