Hi, we’re Mindoulas. We help our members improve their mental health.

Mindoula /mīndˈo͞olə/ noun

  1. Mental health caregiver
  2. Master’s level case manager
  3. Coach and concierge for the mind
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Why Mindoula?

24 hour clock


Our Mindoulas come together in teams to provide you 24/7 support.

Low cost


Our services are a fraction of the cost of psychiatry and therapy.

Mindoula app


We’ll adapt to your preferred way of connecting with us, be it by phone, text, email, or in-person.

What Experts Are Saying

Carol L. Alter, MD,

Carol L. Alter, MD

Senior Director, Medical Policy and Quality, AstraZeneca

Astrazeneca logo

“Mindoula’s innovative, patient, family and community focused platform is already filling important gaps in care delivery for patients with mental illness within the community.”

Harry Gill, MD PhD

Harry Gill, MD PhD

President, AXIS Healthcare Group

Axis Healthcare logo

“I’m a huge fan of Mindoula, and its potential to change the world for individuals and families struggling with mental illness. Mindoula’s person-centered approach fits squarely within our practice orientation, and our vision of empowering patients through connection with behavioral health specialists. The ability of Mindoula to manage behavioral health populations is also remarkable.”

Stacey Kaltman, PhD

Stacey Kaltman, PhD

Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, Georgetown University Medical Center

Georgetown University logo

“I have been extremely impressed by the innovative way in which the Mindoula Health team is using their experience with technology, media, and business development to tackle the formidable challenges characteristic of the current and broken mental health system.”

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