Leadership Team

Steve Sidel

Founder & Chief
Executive Officer

Melanie Bowen

President & Chief Operating Officer

Greg Couto

Chief Financial Officer

Narasimha Vanipenta

Chief Technology

Justin Lanning

Chief Customer Officer

Dr. Glenda Wrenn Gordon

Chief Clinical Strategy Officer

Dr. Jude Alexander

CareMind Health

David Jarmoluk

Chief Data Officer

Patricia Tobon

SVP & GM, Population & Specialty Health

Michael Hite

SVP & GM, Collaborative Care Program

Amy Shields

SVP, Program Operations & Delivery

David Mathews

VP, People Operations

Whitney Kramer

VP, Data & Analytics

Blaise DeLuca

VP, New Initiatives

Sara Armstrong

VP, Program Delivery & Operations, Population Health

Vic Kasoff

VP, Partner Success and Account Management

James Dold

VP, Sales

Justin Kim

VP, Finance

Brett Schnell

VP, Accounting/Controller

David Lewenthal

VP, Security & IT

Lauren Webb

Head of Provider Talent Acquisition

Dr. Claire Fultz

Chief of Staff,
CareMind Health;
Director, Clinical Care Operations

Emmett Phan


Extended Team


Robert Rothstein, MD

Carol Alter, MD