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Why do this alone?

Why do this alone?

Many people with behavioral health challenges get to a point where they want more from their lives and need help getting there. The things they have been doing are not working, and the traditional ways of consuming behavioral healthcare services and treatments have not helped them get better. They may be feeling isolated, hopeless, misunderstood, or may have even begun to think of themselves as “sick” or by a clinical or diagnostic label assigned to them by the behavioral healthcare system, rather than celebrating their uniqueness as the individual they are, with goals, plans, dreams, and aspirations just as important as those of their “normal” friends and loved ones.

Many families have learned what they know about supporting their loved ones with behavioral health challenges from their own research, and by trial and error. They often feel isolated and alone. We step in and use our training, experience, and provider network to achieve outcomes that have proven elusive for families working alone.

Concierge Case Management and Clinical Services

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Concierge Case Management

Our Concierge Case Management Program provides 24/7 virtual and in-person case management services to spouses, partners, siblings, parents, and adult & adolescent children. We offer a full range of case management services including a monthly base subscription for virtual support, plus intake & assessment, and in-person case management, crisis intervention, administrative support & resource development, assistance with insurance claims and benefits, and drop-in services.

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Psychiatry + Case Management Bundle

Our Concierge Psychiatry + Case Management Program combines psychiatry services from top psychiatrists in our provider network with our 24/7 virtual and in-person Concierge Case Management services. We offer the services as a bundle, with a discounted hourly rate for psychiatry and a flat monthly rate for the companion case management services. This combination of case management psychiatry and our proprietary technology is what drives our market-leading enterprise solutions, and is now available to consumers through this program.


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Supported Self Management

Our Supported Self Management Program provides 24/7 virtual support for individuals with psychosocial distress and mild behavioral health challenges. The program also includes family coaching and advising to assist family members in implementing strategies for addressing their needs from a position of a strength, support, safety, and knowledge. Also included: psychoeducation and skills training to reduce stress and find respite.

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Psych Testing & Therapy

We offer diagnostic assessment, psychological testing and consultation, and individual, group, couples, and family therapy through our affiliations with top therapists in our provider network. Our affiliated providers offer a wide range of specialized therapy, including behavioral, systemic, and psychodynamic approaches. Some of the therapeutic techniques employed by our affiliated providers include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), solution focused brief therapy (SFBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy (ISTDP).

We Offer a Free Consultation with One of Our Behavioral Health Specialists

Consultations can be by phone, or in-person at to our Silver Spring, Maryland headquarters, 1117 East-West Hwy. Call (888) 879-9786 to schedule.

Not sure which of our services or plans are right for your loved one? Questions about your loved one’s care and needs? Unsure what to do next or how to achieve certain goals or meet certain needs? You can use your free consultation to learn about more Mindoula and how we can help, or to discuss your needs and situation and learn more about resources and benefits that may be available to you.

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