Coaching &

Supported Self-Care

Coaching &

Supported Self-Care

Why do this alone?

We all play a role in improving and protecting our own mental health, choosing effective treatments, managing long-term challenges and conditions, living our best life, and becoming our best self. At Mindoula a hand-picked concierge care team provides the 24/7 coaching and support you need to stay on track and achieve your mental health goals…. and often those of a loved one too.

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What Our Program Offers

Our Coaching & Supported Self-Care Program is comprised of three effective, evidence-based elements:

24/7 Support

Around-the-clock app-based coaching and support from Mindoulas trained to help you become your best self.


Education content that helps you better understand your challenges and how best to manage them.

Skills Training

Targeted coaching and support focused on addressing your day-to-day challenges.

Where We Focus

Postpartum Depression

Caregiver Stress


Intensive Custom Support

(Availability Limited)

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