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Why do this alone?

Many families have learned what they know about supporting their loved one from their own research, and by trial and error. They often feel isolated and alone. We step in and use our training and experience to achieve outcomes that have proven elusive for families working alone.

Virtual and In-Person Family Services

For family coaching

Family Coaching
& Advising

Many family members come to us with a heavy caregiving burden. Often they have become their loved one’s therapist, landlord, or even sheriff. We ask them to let us help carry the burden. We ask them to let us wear the badge. We provide coaching and assistance so they can go back to being the individuals and family members they want to be.

We help families:

  • Solve problems and manage crises
  • Find top providers
  • Find new treatments
  • Coordinate care and navigate the behavioral health system
  • Connect to community services
For family workshops

Facilitated Meetings
& Workshops

Families often come to us because a loved one’s behavioral health challenges are negatively impacting family life or family dynamics. We facilitate family meetings focused on coping strategies and solutions. We also run family workshops with a range of topics such as “Failure to Launch” and “Alternative Interventions.”

We help families:

  • Better understand challenges faced by a loved one
  • Identify family systems issues
  • Improve family dynamics
  • Find solutions to family problems

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