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Our team of psychiatrists, therapists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and clinical care managers provide clinical services that complement our non-clinical case management services, both for our enterprise partners and for individuals and families. Our inpatient psychiatrists serve a growing number of community hospitals, and our outpatient clinics serve a growing number of patients in the community. Our narrow network of top behavioral health clinicians solves the problem of getting access to top behavioral clinicians who accept and bill most insurances, and enables us to innovate in the areas of measurement based care and the integration of psychiatry and case management.

Turnkey Inpatient
Psychiatry for
Community Hospitals

45.4% decrease in average length of stay, and 113.4% increase in average daily census

Outpatient Psychiatry and
Medication Management

Priority access to our psychiatrists for Mindoula Members (within 24 hours for urgent or emergent appointments, within 14 days for routine appointments, within 5 days of discharge from hospital)

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Tele-psychiatry and
Virtual Psychiatry

Tele-psychiatry to help increase access to psychiatric care, and periodic review of patient progress powering Collaborative Care.