Next-generation population health management solutions for populations with mental illness and medical comorbidities. We scale mobile technology, real-time analytics, proprietary psychometrics, and the essential human connection to reduce costs and improve outcomes for even the most complex and expensive populations.

Predictive Analytics

We use data science and proprietary algorithms to identify, in real-time, risk for readmissions, avoidable use of acute care resources, and over-utilization of medical visits, procedures, and medications. Our proprietary psychometrics and assessment tools are adaptive, and powered by what matters today rather than by claims history alone.

Readmissions Reduction

Our 24/7, team based, text-centric approach engages patients in a way that delivers actionable quantitative and qualitative data sets that trigger proactive case management interventions. Our hospital readmissions reduction program has reduced psych readmissions by 55.7%, and our Care at Hand software has reduced all-cause readmissions by 39.6%.

Virtual Collaborative Care

We offer the only virtual collaborative care solution that has been market-validated by high patient engagement, provider satisfaction, and self-pay. Our virtual approach allows us to overlay any primary care practice and integrate seamlessly with existing practice workflows, identifying and treating undiagnosed high risk patients before they become high cost patients.

Illustration of healthcare costs being reduced

Provider Systems & Health Plans

  • Reduce total healthcare costs and improve outcomes for serious mental illness (SMI) populations with medical comorbidities
  • Offer 24/7 tech-enabled case management, using proprietary psychometrics and predictive analytics to focus on patients psychiatric disorders
  • Benefit from real-time analytics that predict readmission risk and potentially avoidable use of acute care resources
  • Reduce hospital readmissions for psychiatry discharges by over 55%
  • Reduce all cause readmissions by over 39%
  • Reduce over-utilization of procedures, visits, and medications
  • Identify undiagnosed SMI in the primary care setting, and enable curbside tele-psychiatry consults and concierge case management
  • Implement Medicare-reimbursed virtual collaborative care
Illustration of a team of Mindoulas
Illustration of a Mindoula care team

Primary Care Practices

  • Implement Medicare-reimbursed virtual collaborative care, enabling effective treatment of mental health disorders in the primary care setting
  • Integrate 24/7 virtual case management and virtual psychiatry consults and curbsides seamlessly into existing workflows
  • Identify undiagnosed high risk, high need patients
  • Increase patient access to behavioral support and resources
  • Increase practice revenue
  • Reduce patients demands of front office staff
Illustration of  several patients
Illustration of several patients


  • Supported Self-Management Program provides 24/7 support and care for caregivers
  • Secure, text-centric caregiver support to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety associated with the caregiving burden
  • Assists caregivers in implementing strategies for finding respite and gaining the cooperation of others in sharing caregiving tasks
  • Psychoeducation and skills training
  • Monitoring brain health with the FDA-cleared DANA app
  • Empowers caregivers to address their own needs from a position of safety and knowledge
Illustration of Mindoula Messenger
Illustration of Mindoula Messenger


  • 24/7 case management for individuals and families facing mental health and emotional challenges
  • The best of what works in behavioral healthcare (includes behavioral activation, exposure, motivational interviewing, and empathetic connection)
  • Concierge care coordination, navigation, linking and matching with providers and resources
  • Day-to-day coaching
  • Personalized action and recovery plans
  • Help with applications for benefits
  • Support is always a text or call away
  • The Best Thing Since Therapy™

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